My name is Andrea Marco Silvestri, I am 26 years old and I am an anthropologist. My discipline allows me to adopt a broad vision of study on different human subjects and to devote particular attention to field studies. I decided, already during the University, to apply my anthropological knowledge to the field of international and private security.

The many international experiences I have had in recent years have enabled me to understand various aspects of personal security in complex or crisis situations. Since the beginning of my life I’ve been used to traveling, especially in complex contexts such as South Africa, where I was raised. Growing up, for several reasons, I visited and conducted projects or research in many foreingn countries mostly in Africa and the Middle East.

Having lived for several years in complex countries and being raised in a very hostile environment, South Africa, made me a person interested to the dynamics of violence and security. I want to descover and describe why people fight and what makes them feel insecure in certain situations or conditions.

I have been studying for about six years in Turin and in other areas of the world ( New York, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Senegal…). Along with my bachelor degre in foreign languages and my master’s degree in Anthropology I have conducted numerous international events and research in various fields. These experiences gave me the opportunity to collect knowledge about different contexts and different cultural scenarios. In most of my journeys abroad, security was a big concern and I knew that my subject could give a contribution to this field.

Finally, I have a deep inclination and passion for information collection. This mixture of various disciplines in the security world is called HUMINT. As a passionate, willing and curious person, I’m looking forward to know something about YOU as a potential collaborator or to conduct research on your job/projects.

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