I am Andrea Marco Silvestri, the Security Anthropologist. My personal mission is to use my knowledge in social sciences and security management to protect people from danger in complex contexts.

During my life I had the fortune to overcome very difficult situations in foreign contexts since a very early age. Such events made me develop a serious interest in human beings and in the dynamics that influence conflict in our world.

I have conducted numerous international events and research in various fields abroad and in my home country, Italy. These experiences gave me the opportunity to collect knowledge about different contexts and different cultural scenarios. In most of my journeys abroad, security was a big concern and I knew that my subject could give a contribution to this field.



My peculiar background and the ambition of a true life-long learning attitude guide me during my daily work.

As an anthropologist operating in the security industry I am asked to pursue analysis and to report on complex security issues occurring at corporate level or in other organizations such as NGOs.

The activities and the research I do may very deeply from time to time but the mission is one only: studying the context to protect humans.

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